Thursday, July 22, 2010

Caribbean Explorer II

Hello Bloggers!
It's finally here...the Bahamas Blog and video! As usual our store trip returned with divers smiling and sporting a new tan. This trip went aboard the Caribbean Explorer 2 and enjoyed all kinds of diving live-aboard style. Our store manager Doug was leading this trip, which means his new video camera was with him. They saw all kinds of awesome animals, from sharks to stingrays, they also spent time diving with dolphins! Any of you who have been on a live-aboard know when you're not diving, you're eating, and this trip was no exception. Delicious meals served by an outstanding crew were just the beginning, the Caribbean Explorer's staff turned out to be just as helpful under the water as they were on the boat.

UWC would like to thank all the customers who went on the trip as well as the Crew of Explorer...enjoy the show!