Thursday, May 24, 2012

Maldives March 2012

This past March The Underwater Connection hosted a relaxing week and a half trip to the Maldives aboard the luxurious 112 ft Live Aboard
"The Maldive Siren". The staff on the boat were extremely accommodating with hot lattes every morning and amazing food the whole trip. We enjoyed clear waters with temperatures in the high 80s every dive, all the while experiencing some of the most breath taking marine life in the world! All together the most memorable animals we saw were Eagle Rays, a Pod of Dolphins with over 100 individuals, and 2 juvenile whale sharks who fed by our boat for close to 5 hours! Everyone got the chance to see them and some of us even threw on dive gear or a snorkel and jumped in the water with them!

Everyone on the trip had the time of their lives! We loved every second!

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